Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scary Stories vol 2

Many questions!
Since I have not been exposed to the momentous moment of signing a contract, how long does a writer get to consider the contract before they sign? Just an estimate mind you.

If we sent out a contract and didn't hear back from you for over two weeks, we'd be concerned. The important thing is to be in touch.
Hey EA, Can you explain a bit about option clauses? What if your subsequent works aren't necessarily a great match for that particular publisher? Should you send 'em on in anyway? Or does the clause really only apply to the second book? It seems like it might be annoying to send the editor who's editing your picture book a three-volume YA fantasy when she doesn't do much YA fantasy.

Depends on the option clause. Which is why most agents get that clause trimmed down and specificed-up. If you want to send your clause in anonymously, I could post it and see what I think (I would remove mention of the publisher, if included).
I'm working on ED2 with a major company and my contract is still not in the mail. Since it's the sequel to a great selling book, I'm not too concerned... or am I? What if.... they change their mind after all the editing!
Probably no need to worry. But how many drafts of the new book have you turned in? More than two? Time to tell them to fish or cut bait.

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