Friday, August 31, 2007

A Series of Risks

I have an idea for a book line. Is there a way to submit such an idea to a publisher and possibly obtain a contract to write some of the books for the line, and if so what are the usual protocols? I know the general guidelines for submitting a book and even a series of books, but I have never come across information regarding someone outside the publishing industry pitching a new line.

Send in an overview of the series and a sample of your writing in the form the publisher requests (eg, 3 chapters and a synopsis).

Series are harder to pitch because they require a significant commitment in money and time. Every acquisition decision is a bit of a gamble, so investing in developing a series is a BIG gamble. Acquisitions committees will only approve something that seems to have very solid market potential.

And you're asking the acquiring editor to plan to spend years ahead of her working on this series—so she'd better be looking forward to it that much more. If that enthusiasm and that surety of market response aren't there, it's easier to just reject it.


Anonymous said...

Is it better to sell a PB as a stand-alone and then mention to the editor that you would love to expand your book into a series after all contracts are signed? If you mention 'series' before contracts are signed, would that make an editor question if they should buy a book that has stand-alone potential?
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