Thursday, August 16, 2007


My query is, to what extent is the age of the author a factor in deciding to accept for publication? Is there a tendency to favour younger authors who may be perceived to have a longer career span?
A saleable manuscript in the hand is worth two in the tree (no matter how young the tree is).

I've been thinking a lot about branding in your career. Do you think it's best for a writer to stick with a particular genre and become known for that kind of work, or just write what comes to them? I'm noticing that most of the "successful" writers stick to one thing, and do it well - Stephanie Meyers, John Green, while a few others get away with writing many things, but become known for a particular genre - Megan McDonald, Jane Yolen. Do you have an opinion on the best way to go?

Write what you write well, and let the publisher worry about market placement.


holly cupala said...

Nathan Bransford, an agent at Curtis Brown, has an interesting recent discussion on his blog about this very subject, worth a look:

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