Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bridget Zinn Auction Now Live

I've donated a manuscript critique, but there's also jewelry and bath products and caramels and stuff. Go bid on something--even if you don't win, you've helped to drive the bidding up.

If it asks you to sign in, the ID is Bridget and the password is Rules.

Here's my critique. (It's on the fifth page.)


Sylvia said...

But but but aren't you anonymous?

Editorial Anonymous said...

Yes, and the lucky winner can email the manuscript to my anonymous email address and get an anonymous critique back. :)

As I am anonymous, the critique might appeal less to some people, but that's ok. There are lots of other things for them to bid on!

Unknown said...

Great, EA!

Yes come bid and raise money for Bridget. Also, donations are still be accepted and put up for auction.

I donated a critique of a QUERY plus the FIRST 10 PAGES of your middle grade or young adult novel

Literaticat said...

I would have donated a critique too, since it seems that they will earn the most money with critiques...

But I must be stupid, I can't figure out how to do it. Maybe I am just too tired to understand the interwebs today.

Sylvia said...

Ah, right! I've found it now, it wasn't under specialty services as I expected. The anonymati can rest easy again. :D

Unknown said...

To view auction items go to
Auction ID: bridget
Password: rules
(as in: Bridget rules!!)

There is still time to donate more items. Contact Cailin O'Connor

cailin DT oconnor AT gmail DT com

Chris Eldin said...

This sounds really fun!!!

Tami Brown said...

We're donating a "Foot In The Door" package from Through The Tollbooth- a thorough critique of a whole YA or middle grade novel, along with your synopsis and query letter.

What a fantastic cause and really great items!

Literaticat said...

OK, I donated a critique!

jeanne said...

EA: Your critique is out of my price range (which is wonderful. I hope it goes higher and higher and higher). I bid on something more my financial speed. It's such a wonderful cause!

Christine Tripp said...

I cringe at the idea of getting too political here but, in a country as powerful as the US it just seems sad that an auction has to take place in order to aid in someones medical needs.
I believe the US is one of the only Countries left where the health care of it's people is left up to them and their ability to pay. Canada, Cuba, the UK, most all other first world Countries have care for all.
I really can't imagine being ill, dealing with that and then, on top of it, worrying about how to pay for it.
Along with everyone being so charitable with donations and bidding on such, perhaps we could also think of getting more proactive about universal health care for all in the US and writing to their congress person.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Christine-- even if Universal Healthcare became a reality, we'd probably STILL need to have auctions as experimental treatments wouldn't be covered, so people with rare/unusual conditions or conditions that didn't respond well to conventual treatment would need to scrape together the cash or die. (See recent cases involving breast-cancer medicine in Britain, for example) Also, sick people would still have unexpected expenses like lost-work-time, travel to treatment, babysitting, new clothes (after they lost so much weight their old stuff hung on them like tents) etc.

No matter what happens, we'll never be to the point where a catastrophic illness is 'free'--it takes a huge toll even when people have insurance. (Have some friends going through this right now, actually)

The problem is, of course, once politicians get their fingers in ANYTHING it goes from "We should help people with Catastrophic illnesses get treatment" to "The bandaid makers of America donated to my campaign! Lets give them major taxpayer subsidies and call it 'health care!"

Also--FYI--- apparently the Cleveland Clinic (One of the nations top hospitals) will treat you on a reasonable, sliding scale if you're uninsured and your income falls below a certain threshold:

The free treatment for ANYTHING is just for Ohio--but the catastrophic care and sliding scale is for anyone, so keep that in mind, in case you run across anyone who needs the info! (I think other research and teaching hospitals may have similar programs, so please, if you're ill and uninsured, CHECK before you despair!)

Sorry for the threadjack, EA, but I'm always shocked how many people dealing with catastrophic illness DON'T realize what options they have available!!!!!

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