Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Suggestions Are Welcome! Demands... Not So Much.

I have a quick formatting question. If I want to set something off in my manuscript with a different font, how do I indicate that in my manuscript? I am going to have as part of my manuscript pages from another book and letters from characters in between chapters (not unlike Sarah Prineas did with THE MAGIC THIEF). Should I add something (a footnote? a note in brackets?) to indicate that this should be formatted differently?
A note in brackets phrased as a suggestion is acceptable. That's the designer's job, you know.
And out of curiosity--how would an author format a manuscript that needed some form of special illustration, like the comic book inset in Markus Zusak's THE BOOK THIEF or the ink blots and scribblings MT Anderson's OCTAVIAN NOTHING?
As a suggestion, again. That's money the publisher would have to spend on illustration.


Unknown said...

Thank you! That is something I've always wondered about...

Anonymous said...

Just do it, in the manuscript. I recently sold a project with a half-dozen fonts. I indicated them by, y'know, actually using them.

Anonymous said...

usually you pick a different font and double indent the special section so that it's narrower than the narrative.

Dal Jeanis said...

As far as illustrations, see if you can find yourself a talented beginning artist at a local college who can produce something similar to what you want. Don't worry about getting it exact, just be evocative.

Put it where you want it, and let the publisher decide what they want to do - take it as is, ask for a re-draw, redo it with another artist, or lay out the book without the art.

Just make sure that you have a signed work-for-hire contract with the artist before you have the artist do any work. Otherwise, you end up with lots of problems.

Unknown said...

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