Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad, Bad Author! I'm Going to Shake My Finger at You! (And then, you know, forget your name entirely)

I queried an agent I thought would be a great fit with me and my work at an agency. His assistant adored the MS but the agent did not and passed on it. Another agent at the same agency is an agent to one friend and one colleague of mine who both urged me to query the second agent regardless of the earlier rejection from the first agent. I thought this was greatly frowned upon.
Yes, generally.
I don't want cause trouble. And if I do query the second agent, should I mention the first agent in the query?
Yes, absolutely. The trouble you'll be in for submitting to the agency again (if they have a problem with that) will only be greater if they feel you've attempted to hide the fact.


Anonymous said...

I didn't really think this was a problem unless the agency said so on their website. I thought the problem was when you queried more than one agent at an agency at the SAME time. My agent is the second agent at the agency that I queried. I can't really remember, but I think there was about 6 months in between queries though and I highly doubt I mentioned the first query. Not to be evasive, but just because it seemed immaterial. Although it was a straight rejection and not a partial or full, so maybe that's the difference. I know some agencies have a "pass it on" policy and will give it to other agents the think might be interested and so a rejection from one is from all, but for the most part, I thought it was fine unless stated. Frankly, this is one of those rules I would break if I thought I found the perfect agent after all. Usually I err on the side of politeness and rule following, but this seems like it would be worth the risk. I would definitely mention the first query (w/o details) in this situation though.

Anonymous said...

I queried second agent at an agency with details of how close I came with another agent at the same agency (with the full manuscript, several versions). She was very happy to see it and requested it right away.

Anonymous said...

Authors are SO careful not to offend agents, and in reality, not to be bitchy or anything, but I doubt they give half a damn about the symantics of every nit-picking thing.

As long as you aren't querying the entire office simultaneosly, who cares?

(I got a big reject on a full today, does it show?)

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