Sunday, December 7, 2008

Slush and Punishment: Me and My Rhyming Dictionary

Robert was a sweet little mutt.
His favorite food was cashew nut.
Eating it had given him a bit of a gut.
He didn't like to get in a rut.
When he was proud he would sometimes strut.
He had a sweet little tail growing out of his butt.
When his mother would call him, he would say, "What?"
I am doing my deep breathing and reminding myself that rhyming dictionaries, and yea, even the English language, do not have feelings.


acpaul said...

Not only is the rhyming pathetic, there's no rhythm or pattern.

Syllable count:8-9-11-9-9-12-11

So it's just bad poetry no matter how you look at it.

Ben Mann said...

Words fail me.

They also appear to have failed the author.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere Seuss is weeping.

Kelly Polark said...

Who names their dog, Robert? :0)
Good thing Robert was a mutt instead of a weimaraner...can you imagine the stretched rhymes with that one?

Christine Tripp said...

So far, reading all of the new "Slush and Punishment" postings, I am thinking you really should report these folks to their local authorities... just to keep an eye on them, YIKES!

Merry Monteleone said...

Are you sure words don't have feelings? I'd swear I could hear them weeping.

Anonymous said...

Since it's one of the givens of kid's publishing that editors hate rhyming manuscripts, have there been any rhyming books published lately?

Anonymous said...

What doggerel.

Anonymous said...

And his mother would respond, "Tut-tut."

You see, Robert had dreams of building a hut

And a golf course where he could practice his putt.

But first he needed to find a few trees to cut.

Unknown said...

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