Sunday, December 7, 2008

Slush and Punishment: Love Potion No. K12

Exposed to more and more television and media aimed at all ages, children are falling in love earlier and earlier. And that's wonderful! My story about a love-struck bunny who follows her crush home, leaves him anonymous notes, and steals things from his desk at school is perfect for kindergarteners experiencing their very first "true love".
This "love" sounds suspiciously like the kind that takes long-distance photographs and leaves dead things on your doorstep.


Sarah Laurenson said...

Oh my. Between this and the ta-ta's? Tough choice for which is weirder. But I've seen ones like this that are actually in print and being used in schools. It really is crazy. But the basic story line in those doesn't sound weird. I guess the trick is to have the crazy stuff in there but not focus on it.

How to be a stalker for preschool to first grade. A complete step by step guide for making the love of your young life take out a restraining order against you.

Jean Wogaman said...

Ooo, buy that one. You could attach an appendix with instructions on how to file for a restraining order. With all these strange queries, you must be an expert.

Anonymous said...

Eh... it was probably written by someone who thought Edward Cullen's stalking was romantic. Expect to see more of these creepy themes until the Twilight hysteria dies down.

Anonymous said...

To me, the scariest part of that query is the sentence, "And that's wonderful!" Unless the author is being droll, which seems highly unlikely.

Jane Smith said...

My First Career (which was a lot more lucrative than my second--I'm a writer now) was in the sales and marketing departments of computer games publishers.

We had many games submitted for publication that were dire. There was no progression through the game; points didn't clock up or seemed to arrive at random in the scoreboard; several of them refused to run.

Some became our favourites because they were so very clunkingly bad. We eventually published a collection of the 100 worst games, along with a copyright statement which read something like, "These games should be protected by international copyright laws but to be honest we didn't imagine that anyone would bother. Copy them at your leisure, and if you can get game no. 89 to work, do let us know how." It was a blast, and sold more copies than several of our other titles put together.

But no, we never did get game 89 to work.

Adlibby said...

Holy Cow! What percentage of the slush pile represents pure crazy? At least they gave you something to blog about and didn't put you straight to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought you had made up the two previous posts (the toilet fairy and rhyming 'ut' ms) until I read this one.

I'm so sorry.

Ebony McKenna. said...

It just .... doesn't make any sense!
I keep coming back to this post to try and make some kind of coherent comment about how wrong this is ... and every time it ... hurts!

jndfs cjkov lo ijo zklj hjds xjkle jkodsv ljkdfg

*smacks head against keyboard*

Cathy in AK said...

Is this a prequel to the one the 9year-old just had published about how to talk to girls?


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