Friday, August 1, 2008

Requested Manuscript Award:

Nick borrows David's toy dinosaur for a week and promises he won't lose it. When Nick loses it the very next day, he has so much fun hunting for the tiny dino that he "loses" it again...and again...and again...The dinosaur spends a fun-filled week doing things like guarding a sand castle, dangling from a shopping cart and stalking fossils at the science museum. When practical joker Nick returns the toy, David asks to borrow Nick's new firetruck----he promises he won't lose it.
I'm not sure why there needs to be a friend involved. The losing something and the adventures of the lost toy sound interesting by themselves. I'd have a look.


Susan at Stony River said...

Reminds me, kinda sorta, of the world-travelling stolen garden-gnome phenomenon.

The illustrations would be fun to do for this one.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I like the friend. His involvement adds a level of intrigue or gambling to play (the continued losing of the dinosaur) that could otherwise be very..."flat," for lack of a better word. You know, sort of going through the motions.

Anonymous said...

The thing is that the friend sounds like a dick. He's perfectly willing to risk really losing someone else's toy, over and over again, just because finding it amuses him.

Anonymous said...

It is not going thru the motions. And intrigue and gambling to play must be carefully managed with a pb.

He's just not needed. It is not his story. I know. I wrote a book (and illustrate sorta like this) that I love and I think works. No, I KNOW it works.

Susan at Stony River said...

I agree with Catherine; I think the stakes seem higher in losing a friend's toy than your own.

As it stands, the end is charming, with the tables turning for the two friends. Booting the friend would be a shame.

IMHO as always.

Anonymous said...

Well, I I disagree. I think a true and honest element of this child's behavior is caring about his/her own feelings. Not his/her friend's. They don't. That is learned behavior. Something YOU teach them...not their own.

I know that I was completely self absorbed.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! This was my pitch and now I feel much better about sending it out. Thanks!

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