Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bite My Head Off

These are my new favorite cookie cutters.

Over at Book Roast, rumor has it they're partnering with Reach Out and Read (ROR), a children's book charity. The children's books aren't up quite yet, but it's a good reason to add it to the list of blogs you check compulsively (how many are there, now?).


Deirdre Mundy said...

Ooh... the practical jokes are already running through my head.....

Unfortunately, I think they would get other people's kids in trouble.... =(

"Bob! Did you eat the heads off all the cookies Mrs. Mundy baked for us! Don't lie--- The dog's not so methodical!"

Sarah Laurenson said...

Great cookie cutters!

Book Roast - check. As well as, um, 19 others on my blog roll. That doesn't count the extras that get thrown in there from those blogs. Writing. I was writing, wasn't I?

Susan at Stony River said...

Those cookie cutters are pure evil. I mean genius. I mean hilarious. I mean...

I gotta go get those cookie cutters.

Vodka Mom said...

I wonder if my kindergarten students would appreciate these! "Today, children, we will be making self-portraits..."

Anonymous said...

QUESTION... ( a la Dwight Schrute): If your agent routinely takes weeks to answer emails, neglects to answer some at all, and takes over a month just to read (let alone give feedback) on your picture book manuscripts, is it because:
A- you haven't yet had a sale and are the low man on the totem pole.
B- she's just plain swamped with work
C- she's neglectful and forgetful
D-all of the above
E-(insert your own answer)

Chris Eldin said...

Thank you!!!

We're partnering with ROR for the next roast, but a blurb will go out about them on Saturday morning. They're a great charity--having given more than five million books to children (more info on Saturday's blurb)

Those cookie cutters are a scream!!

Stephanie said...

My friends gave me a set of those cookie cutters after my (now long-gone!) flatmate kept eating all of my food.

Kimbra Kasch said...

I love 'em!

Vodka Mom said...

Question: Why haven't you had any responses to your query and picture book manuscript (of COURSE the book is fab) from the various publishers you sent them to months ago?
A: The editor's dog ate the query letter that had all your contact information on it.
B: The editor is busy blogging and sorting through her blogging slush pile; which is ten times larger that the real slush pile.
C: The editor loves vodka as much as you, and can't remember what she reads at night and therefore is reading mss over and over and over.

:-) Future children's book author is patient, and has lots of vodka to numb the pain.

ChatRabbit said...

Whoa- very weird coming here and seeing my cookie cutters...glad you like 'em!
If anyone's interested in them, check out the FRED site:

We have links to shops that carry them there. Or try RISDWorks:

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh....made my day:)

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