Saturday, June 7, 2008

Industry Watchdog Under Attack

It was inevitable, but dammit, I'm still mad. PublishAmerica is suing Preditors and Editors.
Please consider donating to their legal defense at the link below.



Anonymous said...

I just did! And I sent a voodoo curse to via

Hope P&E trounces them!

Christine Tripp said...

Where's Ralph Nadder when you need him! He should be offering up one of his lawyers to them for free!!!
It's horrible that this has happened to them (him) and even if found not guilty, it costs a person so much financially and emotionally to go through a lawsuit.
All the legit Publishers should be financially helping in the defence as well. P&E does them a great service buy pointing out those that would "call" themselves publishers but in actuality are scam artists.

Unknown said...

Hi - are there any links to any news stories about this lawsuit? I did a quick (very quick) google search to find out more information; all I could find was it being mentioned on other blogs & discussion forums (back in February 2008!) The preditors/editors website only mentions they need donations and I couldn't find any press releases or info on reliable news sources.

Any additional info would be helpful, if you or your commenters could point me in the right direction.

Unknown said...

This is atrocious! How dare PublishAmerica try to sue P&'s not illegal to publish the TRUTH!

eluper said...

As an author, I 've met SO MANY people who have been duped by Publish America. They are stoked about their "publishing contract" going in and incredibly resentful coming out. Hopefully, this lawsuit will shed light on what they do to mislead aspiring authors!

Eric Luper

Sarah Laurenson said...

A civil lawsuit is not necessarily a news item. I doubt there will be much to find except for within the writing community. If we knew where the suit was filed, then public records could be checked. Are you concerned this is not a legitimate lawsuit? Or are you looking for more information?

Unknown said...

Sorry for being unclear - I wasn't expecting this to be headline news or anything like that!

This lawsuit (and the writing community in general) is just brand new to me and I wanted to learn more about it BUT the website looks, um..... (this is where the web design snotbag in me comes out) very "vintage" and having a donation button with no explanation beyond that they are trying to raise money, is just kind of, well, odd. I'm a big fan of transparency and open communication and I thought, as the commenters here seem quite upset about it, that there was a deeper discussion on some other listserv or message board that I've been unable to find.

As I mentioned before, I found an article from Feb 2008 talking how the suit has been filed, yet this blog posting infers that the suit has been filed, well, even more recently. (So, when exactly?) I have no doubt that it's a valid suit, but I wanted more info from both sides.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hi french,

You could think of it as a grassroots effort site that helps us writers keep track of who's on the level in the publishing world.

From what I've seen the suit was filed in Feb or March timeframe. These things take time to circulate sometimes. And it may have taken time for Dave to ask for donations. Depends on how this filtered through the legal process. He may have waited to see if it would go away on it's own.

Unknown said...

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