Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Reruns

It has been suggested to me that I might do re-runs of some of the older (but favorite) posts for people who are newer readers. I kinda like the idea, partially because there are some 2007 posts I'm fond of, and partially because it sounds easy.

But what do you guys think? There's a poll option to the right.

If any old timers want to request particular reruns, please do that in the comments.

Thanks for voting!


Kjersten said...

I like the rerun idea. Even if I've read the old posts, it's always helpful to revisit good oldies.

My special request? Just that you label reruns as such to minimize weird deja vu feelings.

Thanks! I love your blog.

José Iriarte said...

Don't most people read the archives?


Sminthia said...

I think reruns are fine if, as kjersten requests, you label them.

You could also add a bit at the end with an update, or with something you forgot to say at the time of the original post.

Chris Eldin said...

Yes, Reruns!

(I don't read archives. I sometimes scan them, and I always *want* to, but never end up doing it...)

Anonymous said...

I loved kitchen full of slush! A good reminder of what;s out there!

José Iriarte said...

I disagree.