Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things to Do While I'm in LA

101 Reasons to Stop Writing's guest blogger tells us just how reasonable the recent Forbes article "How Amazon Could Change Publishing" is. Nice to see someone with "sir" in their name isn't above describing the reason a book isn't published as "shitness".

Literaticat, otherwise known as a children's bookseller and a rather up-and-coming agent, asks for questions. Go on, then.

Nevermind about my failure to blog much in the last week; go bother Nathan Bransford about his last post being from Friday.

Editorial Ass points us to a video that alternately amuses me and gives me a headache.


Chris Eldin said...

*steps away from the computer*

Hey, fellas! You can stop filming now. Pack it up. Yeah, you too, lighting crew. Audio guy, leave my audio-taped rhyming picture book on the table. I know an editor who likes this crap.

*resumes typing*

Ebony McKenna. said...

Thanks for the link to 101 Reasons,
I especially love the de-motivators, he really nails them.

And happy Slushpile Bonfire night as well!

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