Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do You Need a T-Shirt? Yes, You Do.

This and many more are HERE.


Anonymous said...

Cute, but did they misspell 'Seuss' deliberately? That's a bit alarming.

Anonymous said...

Oh S**T! In a way it would be kinda funny to say it was misspelled on purpose, but no..."they" misspelled it because they are idiots and no matter how many times they looked and compared those pesky letters just wouldn't stay put. Okayokay, it was ME! Thank you Meg! It is all corrected now, at least until I discover something else, ack! I was SO excited to hear that our dear Ed Anon had posted my shirt. Now I need a shirt to cover my shame. ***hangs head and pulls shirt down***
Still, thank you Editor Anon. I'm thrilled that you like my shirts, even the misspelled ones! I have more shirt ideas and spelling errors, so every so often I will be posting new ones.
Sigh, my husband says that I need to make myself a new Muse shirt that says, "My muse can't spell her way out of a paper bag." lol!

Rose Green said...

But it's MY book that rocks like fox in socks! :)

Editorial Anonymous said...

If Geisel was anything like me, he probably misspelled his own name at least a couple times.

Linda D. (sbk) said...

I love those! And hey, I'm always alarmed when people spell Seuss correctly, so no surprise there. Don't worry about it.

hmmm ... which t-shirt do I want?

ack! It's too hard to decide! I'll have to come back later.

Lynne Kelly said...

Those have to be some of the funniest t-shirts I have ever seen. Please do the Muse shirt that your husband suggested, or maybe "My Muse can't write her way out of a paper bag."
I just ordered the "I will not stalk the editor" shirt to wear to a conference next month. That "Editor Stalker Slayer" would have been a perfect one for me to wear at our local SCBWI conference last month; I was asked to stand near one of the editors and sort of listen in to the people who were lined up in front of her, as if she was a ride at Disneyland. If the conversations got weird, I was supposed to think of a reason to pull her away from the line to help her escape. I wasn't sure what excuse to come up with if it did get weird, though. I was working on something like, "Your hair is on fire! Come with me to the refreshment table!"
My husband has his doubts that this was a job I was actually assigned to. He said, "Sometimes the crazy people aren't in line. Sometimes the crazy people are self-appointed bodyguards."

Anonymous said...

They need to do a slush pile T shirt! Maybe with your winning logo!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! You've all made me feel better, thank you!

Lynne, thank you for buying a shirt! Also, thanks for the comments and suggestions. I enjoyed your story and I will make a muse that can't spell...heehee.

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