Saturday, March 8, 2008

50 Ways to Leave your Agent

BookEnds has a great post about divorcing your agent—one that gives you an idea of how much work an agent does. Good reading for everyone.

And Nathan Bransford, who might run for blogger class president (he's so cute! and upbeat! if he wasn't so smart, I'd have to kill him!), has a very good post about how long it takes to sell a book. Yes, it's thaaaaaat looooooong.

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Anonymous said...

Tell me....

What makes a good author/agent relationship? What is an agent's ideal author?

What makes a great author to work with, other than producing great manuscripts?

What is an appropriate length of time to find out when an agent will be subbing?

Everyone knows agents are busy, and they are in fact working for free until they sell your work, so until then, what can an author do to be easy to work with and NOT be HIGH MAINTENANCE so the agent doesn't think your a pain and a problem?

Anonymous said...

Can I add a couple of questions?
I understand that all agents have their own style, but how do most agents they call/email first to let you know a ms is coming or do they simply mail/email submission to your attention? Also, how and when do they usually follow up on a submission? Oh, one you get in touch with an agent when you are going to bring a ms to committee or do you wait to tell the agent of your interest until after you have company buy-in?

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