Monday, May 31, 2010

Bios and Nonfiction

I realize that the agent reading the bio of a query wants to see relatedness between the writer and the subject about which they write, so with that in mind - can revealing help or hinder in any way what a prospective agent thinks when weighing the merits of the writer against his/her work? I know it may help if I want to write some legal thriller novels, but I am only interested in the YA and children genres.
If you're writing nonfiction, then yes, we really do want some reason to think that the nonfiction is not full of mistakes copied from Wikipedia, or "facts" revealed to you on a piece of toast by Jesus.

If you're writing fiction, there doesn't need to be any related experience with your subject.

If there is-- if you're writing a legal thriller for teenagers and you have legal experience, or have actually been to juvie yourself, that's just gravy.

If there isn't, just try not to say something weird, like about your advanced degree in grandmotherhood / cookie-baking or how you're writing about teddybears because you have the ability to hear their thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Um...doesn't everyone hear the thoughts of teddybears?

You mean...that's just me?

Nicole MacDonald said...

What about the several voices I converse with in my mind??

Peni R. Griffin said...

All the really cool people can hear teddybears, but that's the kind of personal information that comes across as bragging. Better to leave it out of a query.

Anonymous said...

I first missed the word "not" in that last sentence and thought you were telling us we *should* say something weird. It was like my lucky day.

Anonymous said...

I don't have much luck with teddybears. But stuffed bunnies.... now there's a real connection for me there. Must have been too many readings of "The Velveteen Rabbit" as a child.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Me? I can hear the thoughts of spoons. But they all told me inanimate objects sitting in a drawer all day make for boring characters.

Some day, I will prove them all wrong! I will send my minions into their publishing offices and force them to publish my 1,000 page picture book masterwork (with tinfoil illustrations!): A day in the life of a teaspoon.

Look carefully at your next takeout luncheon, EA... that spoon MIGHT just be an ordinary spoon without a thought in it's head...but it might not be......

Anonymous said...

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