Friday, January 25, 2008

How Awesome Are My Readers?

Finally had the chance to post all the Slush Monsters sent in by readers. Check it out!

From Andy J Smith:
Energetic. I think I prefer the angry monster to the one that looks like an eager dog... though I suppose slush bears a resemblance to both. Gotta have the tail, I think.

Great texture. This monster seems less slushy than "aww", though. I was hoping for one that embodied editors' frustration, amusement, and terror. This one's just so sympathetic.

From Gin:

Friendly. I might almost say... hobbitty. He looks like he likes his elevenses. Doesn't look like the kind of monster who could scare an editor, though. ;)

From Elizabeth Dulemba:

Slush as the monster that comes to your tea party and eats the cups. I do find myself identifying with the little girl.

Kinda creepy. But true slush doesn't sneak up on you. It accidentally crushes the life out of you without realizing it.

That is some dippy slush. I like the lost tourist thing. Wish he looked hungrier for his destination, though.

Definitely hungrier, heehee. But the slush monster I live with is hungry for publishing offices rather than paper. I guess that's why I saw him as city-sized.

Nice vivacity. Still, if I heard that this monster was looking for me, I would assume it wanted a tummy rub rather than my life force.

From Carly Schuna's brother, who goes by 'olie' on

Nice. Appealingly brainless looking. Still, not quite threatening enough.

Eric Hammond (for whom I cannot find a link) sent me a nice b&w monster who was vaguely reminiscent of the rancor monster in Star Wars (if a bit less, you know, rancorous). Alas, it was a PDF and my computer is fighting me about converting it to something I could post here. Nice work, though.


Editorial Anonymous said...

Cripes, blogger sucks with the formatting of text and images. I tried and tried to get these right, too!

LindaBudz said...

I have a terrible time formatting with blogger too ... all the images on my blog are centered with no wrapping. Sigh.

Anyhoo ... which one is the new Slush Monster? Or are we supposed to vote?

If the latter ... I'm partial to Elizabeth Dulemba's work!

Anonymous said...

As someone who, honestly, can barely draw a straight line with a ruler... HELL, these are good! What amazingly creative artists these people are.

I wish every one of them good luck and godspeed in becoming prosperous in this business.

LOVE them!

Colorado Writer said...

How cool! I like David Huyck's best! Needs some piles of stuff and a little more teeth!

Anonymous said...

They are all impressive renderings. I'm partial to Andy J. Smith's, the one on the lower right (with the tail) but I'd add the yellow aura like the one on the lower left. That slush monster seems to have less sweetness and more rage which, I'm guessing, is kinda how an editor feels after reading slush all weekend.

Adrian said...

The post looks great, thanks EA!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Thanks anonymous, for the kind words. I'll have to just pick my spots judiciously this coming week for any revisions. Swamped with projects, a nasty cold, and my wife's Birthday.

I'll knock something together though. And thanks for using the "J" in my name. It is all I have to give identity to my uber-generic name. There are already tons of Andy Smith artists, illustrators, and authors!

pudders said...

Well, at least you don't get to deal with my married name, Andy, which is often called Eleventh...I saw EA's Elvenses and had a chuckle over that because...well...not only is eleven my favorite is practically my last name. According to most.

Wendie O said...

All nice.
Some are good art, but too cute to be a slush monster.

When I think of a "slush monster," what I see is a monster formed of huge piles of manuscripts (slush) towering over and overwhelming the poor editor.

(unless I missed the point and Editorial Anonymous actually did ask for a monster to eat the slush piles.)

wendieO (who can't get blogger to put pictures in the middle of her blog -- they all end up at the beginning -- and so is in awe of Editorial Anonymous's ability to do it.)

Anonymous said...

Andy J. Smith's, lower right hand corner. But with a PURPLE aura to show the Slush Monster is purple with rage! ;-D (And maybe add a couple of little buildings around him to show his massive size.)


Anonymous said...

Oh! And since the monster is supposed to BE the slush... Maybe a few of his scales or horns or whatnot could be manuscript pages.

Listen to me... Giving artistic direction... I can't even draw a stick figure!

Just opinions... No need to smack me!


sylvia said...

I suppose it's not very surprising that authors and illustrators view Slushmonters as being sympathetic :)

Tommy said...

They are all superb! Makes me wish I wasn't blessed with all the artistic ability of a dented spoon.

jimmer said...

Is it too late to submit? Here's a sketch that's open to revision....

Eric said...

Hey, Jimmer:

I kinda like that one... has a bit of a Mo Willems thing going on.

--- Eric Hammond

Anonymous said...

...and EA:

I resent my Slushbeast by email as a JPEG.

Eric Hammond

Anonymous said...

I decided on my vote before reading any comments. Surprised at the amount of agreement!

Andy J. Smith, angry green one with tail AND aura, either purple or yellow.

The Eyeball said...

The slush monster must have a "tale". C'mon folks.
And some steam, just incase the slush is full of.... "hot" stories. No, no, not steam from doggie doo.
The art is fabulous. I love the green with envy guy, reading a page.

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