Monday, January 28, 2008

A Couple More

From Jimmer:
This slush has two cups of coffee, wears glasses, and isn't in a very good mood. In fact I don't think this is slush at all. Looks more like an editor.

From Eric Hammond:

Voila, the not-terribly-rancorous monster I mentioned before.

From Roz Fulcher:
Another editor. I wish I had those fangs.
I'm no closer to a decision, but I'm loving this!


pudders said...

Eric, from a design point of view, yours is exquisite. You should do a whole book like that. Or something more than one picture.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the positive/negative thing happening with Eric's contribution!

Eric said...

Thank you both!

I write & illustrate picture books... well, I try, anyway.

and thanks, EA, for posting... I had fun doing it.

Eric Hammond

Unknown said...

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