Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Couple More

From Raymond Nakamura:

Nice detail. Especially like the helpless editor in its hand.

From Leslie Muir:

Nice t-shirt. Like the crushed city behind.


pudders said...

Leslie, that is Barney...isn't it?

THIS one is the winner!

All those years on TV and he finally flipped.

Leslie Muir said...

Barney-esque, for sure.

I was shooting for needy, passive-aggressive, and psychotic.

pudders said...

Yes, of course. To me it is more like what would happen to Wednesday Addams were she left up in the woods, locked in that dollhouse forced to listen to those unrelenting tracks from 'Annie" and "The Sound of Music", and once she was sprung she became THIS camp counselor singing THIS song.

Wednesday Wars lost.

Leslie Muir said...


Andy J Smith illustration said...

Here's my take on a revision for the logo...

christine tripp said...

Oh GOD, Barney flipped out?, haha. Good, after that purple thing drove me nuts for years, it's fair dues:)
Here's another from me too.
(not Barney though, I wish I had thought of that:)

Leslie Muir said...

Nice, Christine. I like the avalanche of mss your monster is dropping on the editor. Excellent!

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