Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Hunting of Blogs

Just wondering if you know of any good blogs related to revision/editing?
Some writers I know participate in, where you have to critique others' writing in order to earn enough credits to post something of yours for critique.

But no, no blogs about revision. I don't spend an enormous amount of time trolling for new blogs, though. Anybody else know of any?


tammi said...

Darcy Pattison has some great information on revision.

Anonymous said... is another good critique site.

angela said...

Cheryl Klein,editor at Arthur A Levine has a great blog and she just gave a talk about picture book revision with examples. It's great to have the visual to see how a pic book starts and ends after revisions. Good Stuff! Here's the link, it's under the entry for 6/25:

angela said...

Add a "ml" to the end of the link I posted for Cheryl Klein, it got cut off somehow!!

Zolah said...

Paperback Writer is doing a masterclass on writing and revision at the moment. She's at:

Writingbug said...

Thanks! In my search, I found Cheryl Klein's website and blog. I also gleaned some good info here:

LindaBudz said...

Sorry to promote my own blog here, but I posted some revision advice from a retreat with Bloomsbury Editor Julie Romeis on my blog (see May 22 post) at

She was fantastic ... gave lots of great insights. I posted just a fraction of the info. Hope you find it helpful!

Anonymous said...

I only found your blog recently and find some of your posts hilarious. Thankyou so much for such honest advice. All of this should end up in a manual for would-be authors. I must add though, that here in Australia, stories about Koalas would outslush squirral stories anyday. I have small children and I REFUSE to purchase another childrens book about the lonely baby koala looking for his mummy in the bush, meeting the regulation Kangaroo, platypus and possum on his way. AARRGGHHH! And I'm not even an editor!!

Anissa said...

Therese Fowler just had a great post about revision.

She always has writing tips and other interesting stories to share.

And I second zolah. Paperback Writer is great!

Writingbug said...

Thanks for all the info guys!

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