Friday, May 7, 2010

Art Samples: From Your Imagination to Our Recycling Bin

Love your blog! I have a quick question about sending my artwork to editors. There are always several different types of editors: editor in chief, executive, managing, deputy, assistant, just plain editor, and so on. Who is the best person to send my work to so that it doesn't end up in the trash? I am planning on sending my first sample pack to the art director and then send postcard updates to the editor as well.
Those titles mean slightly different things at different houses. Any or all of those people may have a voice in illustration selection.

Realistically, most of your samples WILL end up in the trash. That's why you have to send a lot of them, to a lot of people. A few of them will like what they see and keep the postcard for future reference. If you want to send a more formal sample, like a portfolio, then you need to research each publisher's preferences in receiving portfolios for review.


ae said...

Sometimes you will get a letter from a tip-top editor saying he is keeping your samples on file.

Who me? :)

Christine Tripp said...

When I first started out submitting, I would get (hard to read:) hand written notes scrawled on the bottom of publishers form letters ... "thanks, will keep on file" or, " got'em, they are filed for future ref".
I began to doubt there were such things (too many replies talking of art filed, no work:)
Just as I was beginning to suspect the "file" was really the office trash can, one of the Art Director's that had replied years earlier, contacted me about a book.
Yes Virginia, there really is a FILE (though today I suspect there are more bookmarked websites on AD's and ED's computers then cabinets.

ae said...

All by yourself, persistence, great talent and knowing your inner childhood age group target...

And I will add... filtering out the negatory nasties( those nasty fleas) Get out your swatter!!!

You go my friend...


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