Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Pages: Active Again

Sorry about the delay.
The Anonymati are back in business.

For those new to the first pages clinic, please observe the (rapidly rising) number of pages in the queue (in the right hand column).


:)Ash said...

Yayy :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks, EA!

ABH said...

Thank you. I hope this burst of blogging means your life has eased up a little.

Trixie said...

Hurraaay! This makes my day! Thanks EA!

MAGolla said...

Just curious, have you ever requested the manuscript off the Anonymati slush pages?

Anonymous said...

Magolla --

She can't request pages from the Anonymati. She's anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

magolla -- she can't, I don't think, because then the Anonymati would "Know" who she was.

(stepping on soapbox:)

If there are 90 some odd people waiting for critiques, why are only three or four people offering their own advice for the ones up now? I don't get this. I've commented on every single one and its cost me nothing. Give a little if you want to get something! Surely you can find something helpful to say, even if it's just emphasizing someone else's point or offering a new way to think about something. Don't you want people to comment on yours?

(stepping off soapbox)

Deirdre Mundy said...

Soapbox Anon- I usually don't comment on EVERY first page-- only the ones where I have something constructive and non-repetitive to add to the discussion. Maybe other people are doing the same?

Though I guess it would be better to comment even when mine ARE a repeat, so the author can see that multiple folks see the same thing....

Unknown said...

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