Monday, May 18, 2009

Who Needs Friends When You Have a Writing Community?

I’m a regular reader of your blog, and I was wondering if you could help us put the word out about an effort to help out this amazing woman. An online auction is being held in May to help her with medical bills associated with her stage 4 colon cancer. I’ve pasted info about it.below. The URL is:

This is Bridget. Three things happened to Bridget in February:
1. She got an agent for her young adult novel.
2. She got married.
3. She found out she had Stage Four colon cancer.

More at April Henry's blog (which is good to read anyway)


Kimbra Kasch said...

Thanks for spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, EA. I had the pleasure of getting to know Bridget last year when we roomed together at the SCBWI LA conference, and she's really an incredible woman. She has an amazing outlook on her situation, and this auction is such a worthwhile fundraising effort on her behalf. Plus, lots of great writer goodies up for bid!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am very sorry to hear that Bridget has cancer. I was wondering if she had health insurance. I will donate or bid for an item, however am confused as to why a person would have mounting bills who has insurance. Or why would anyone be without it?
I wish her the very best!

Healthcare worker x 21 years

April Henry said...

Wow! I love your blog! I feel like a rock star!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!

The response from the writing community has been heartwarming, but your headline is a bit misleading. Bridget needs her friends, too, and she has quite a few.

Editorial Anonymous said...

You're right, jhoutman. Our writing community is *almost* as good as friends.

Anonymous said...

I will donate or bid for an item, however am confused as to why a person would have mounting bills who has insurance.Even the best insurance plans don't cover 100 percent of medical expenses. Typically, they cover a percentage. Sometimes they won't cover a treatment deemed "experimental." Given that you're a healthcare worker, I'm surprised that you're not aware of this.

April Henry said...

While I knnow Bridget has health insurance, her husband is self-employed. Even with my husband's employer, we pay 50% of drugs that don't have a generic equivalent(most of them), and have high deductibles and copays. Our out of pocket expense every year is more than $5000 - and we don't have cancer. This is how most health insurance works. And my husband works for a health care organization.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Also, most insurance has both yearly maximum and lifetime maximum pay-outs.

And for some plans, the yearly maximum is about 100K--- more than enough in the normal course of things, but not enough to cover Cancer, Preemies and the like.

Also, when a person is very ill, their family has all sorts of additional expenses-- eating out b/c they're too sick to cook, new clothes (because the weight loss with cancer treatment can mean the old ones don't come close to fitting), gas to and from appointments--- all sorts of exrtra costs that aren;t covered by insurance but quickly add up when the come out of no where.

Anonymous said...

It's great that people are pulling together to help. I also wanted to address the comment about why she would have mounting bills or why anyone would be without insurance. It doesn't make much sense that a worker X 21 years wouldn't know how unbelievably unaffordable health insurance can be for some families or that policies do not cover everything. Best wishes Bridget. I think most understand why a fundraiser would be needed.

Unknown said...

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