Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Anonymati Have It

So I'll be expecting some evil hooded robes, or at least t-shirts. And evil secret society meetings (at B Flat, for instance) with evil cocktails. I'll bring the evil beernuts.

Pronunciation: uh-non-uh-MAH-tee

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Kimbra Kasch said...

Oh...a place where I can finally fit-in.


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how to pronounce this?

Or is it gonna be one of those things like SCWBI, where certain people say the letters and others mumble out some word version of "Squibi" and expect you to know what they're talking about?

Do I need an ID badge for the secret meetings? Will book contracts, courtesy of EA, be handed out to the first five who show up? If so, I'll be camping out overnight, in a tent, like teens do for new movies.

Anonymous said...

That's me! I'm a member of the Anonymati! I come here and I even voted on the name, so when you're talking about Anonymati, you're talking about me! I've never been part of a secret society before. Have we decided on a handshake yet?

Joseph said...

Darn you, Anonymonomatynymati! What happened to my beloved Slushies? Gone! Lost to the relentless time and tide of outrageous fortune, and the cruel machinations of the unyielding and unfeeling Anonymati!

Anna Claire said...

I like Anonymati. Makes me feel glamorously mysterious. Or mysteriously glamorous. Or just glamourous and mysterious at the same time.

Chris Eldin said...

YAY! We've been named!

Now that you've adopted us, our expectation of treats may go up slightly. Chocolates, cheeses, free manuscript critiques...


Anonymous said...

I like it :)

Anonymous said...

Don't know about anyone else, but I pronounce it: Anon as in anonymous, long e, ma as in Ma Ingalls, and tea as in the drink.

Put together you get: Anon-e-mah-tea.

Any clearer than mud?

Stephanie J. Blake said...


Naughty anonymati

Dana Strotheide said...

I think we definitely need cloaks or robes or capes or some other form of long, flowy, mysterious covering.

Anonymous said...

LOL Colorado!

Anonymatic anonymagic!

(Bye bye mice.)

Anonymous said...

Love the coat of arms :)

Sylvia said...

I have the hooded robe already - as long as you are happy with cyan? ;)

Sarah Laurenson said...

*still working out 7 compass points and how to get her fingers to do the handshakes*

Great stuff there, EA!

I think Chris is on to something here. Treats!

Dal Jeanis said...

Okay, but since it's a Latiform word, what is the singular: Anonymatus for males, Anonymatae for females?

If one of us is a female spy is she an Anonymatae Hari?

And should I now refer to my wife as my Anonymate?

[Personally I liked someone's suggestion of "nonnies", but it didn't make the vote]

Anonymous said...

Anonymatae Hari?

Hoo boy!

"Oh what a wicked girl was she. That's the kind of girl I'll never be!"

Unknown said...

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