Saturday, November 8, 2008

SCBWI and/or Verla Kay to the Rescue!

I have only a couple of manuscripts I'm working on, but I would like to do more and am looking for ways to add some discipline and focus to my writing efforts. Everyone says you should have a good writing critique group, one that will give you tough, honest opinions as well as encouragement. I live in a fairly rural area, so my opportunities for face-to-face critiques are limited. Any suggestions for how to find good feedback from peers?
Check out the discussion boards at the SCBWI or Verla Kay (you'll have to become a member of SCBWI to access theirs) and find yourself a nice eCritique group. Bear in mind that you may have to try a couple out before you find one that works for you.


Kelly Polark said...

Great advice. I learned about the Verla Kay boards at a local SCBWI meeting. Both have given me so much information and insight in the writing and submission process.

Kristi Holl said...

Every critique group I've joined or started came out of knowing SCBWI writers. When I started writing, I lived on a farm in Iowa and met writers at the regional meetings. There were more writers in my area than I had any idea. This writer might find the same thing.
Kristi Holl
Writer's First Aid blog

Anonymous said...

Definitely join SCBWI. There are also classes you can take if you need weekly deadlines or additional critiques or exercises to support and push your writing--web sites like Harold Underdown's The Purple Crayon and Cynthia Leitich Smith's list several options.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a rural area, too. I get so much great advice and friendship from Verla's board. I don't know what I'd do without it.

I'm in SCBWI, too, but being rural makes that less of an advantage. I still find it valuable, but wish I could live closer to other SCBWI members.

Anonymous said...

If your area has a regional chapter of the SCBWI, they might have meetings and events for networking with other writers and illustrators. Many host their own conferences and other events. It's invaluable.

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