Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Labor of Love

I have a 9K ms that is part picture book, part chapter book and part graphic novel. Several agents have requested the full ms and I am waiting to hear back.
But I worry that they cannot envision the book. I have been illustrating for a long time, so I can see the presentation in my mind's eye; the problem is that the format is not like anything else out there on the market now so I have nothing to compare it to. So how do I sell this without dummying up the whole thing? Or do I have to bite the bullet and do that? Scripting it will not work. But creating the dummy is a heck of a lot of spec work, when I have paying and more salable projects in hand. Still, this one calls to me.

You're going to have to dummy up enough of the manuscript for people to get a good idea of what will happen in the rest of it. If that's a lot of work for no sure gain, well, welcome to children's books. (laugh!)


Wordy Bird said...

Could you compare it to The Invention of Hugo Cabret? It sounds like it might be along those lines. It sounds wonderful, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Not sure a comparison with Hugo would do it, although having that book out there sure helps.

Thanks for the input, EA and mg. Guess I will have to bite the bullet and dummy it up.

Of course, it's not the first spec work I've done--far from it. But it might be the most labor intensive.

Diandra Mae said...

I have a similar situation...and I've decided to bite the bullet and dummy it up as well. I just know I'll have to hold back from rushing it in order to send it out. Good luck with your story!

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Unknown said...

OMG! This was basically my exact question!!
Happy to dummy up my story with illustrations as I already have several! :-)
Thank you so much!! Very helpful!

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