Monday, February 7, 2011

The Waiting Is Not the Hardest Part

An editor at a conference asked me to send my YA manuscript for consideration, which I did. My original plan was to start with queries to agents, beginning with someone who expressed interest. However, I am waiting on that since I would really like to work with this editor and don't want to throw up any roadblocks. What I am wondering is: How long should I give the editor before I start my query process to agents?
 Zero time.  Start now.  You don't want to send out your manuscript to a bunch of editors while you are sending it to agents, because that's your future agent's job.  But sending the manuscript to one editor who you made contact with at a conference and who requested it is not going to ruffle any agent's feathers.  And if the editor expresses interest and by that time you have an agent, the editor will not be unduly annoyed.


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Anonymous said...

As the person who inquired, I have to say thank you for this helpful answer. I've tried to educate myself, but every business has its political minefields. I'm happy to be assured I did not step into one.

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im not sure what u mean, waiting always sux

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