Saturday, December 8, 2007

Out of the Office Until (a) My Vacation Time Runs Out (b) Monday (c) I'm in the Office Right Now

When do most editors actually leave for the holidays? I've been led to believe that most people in the publishing industry take off around December 15 and don't return to work until the first or second week in January. Is that a generally accurate assumption or do many editors keep longer office hours throughout the season? (Perhaps taking off only one week during Christmas.) I'm asking this mostly in relation to book deals and acquisitions. Are offers made and finalized in late December?

Some of us take off for the last half of the month (often the ones with kids who are out of school); others sneak into the office on Christmas Day.
I'm trying not to be that much of a workaholic. But the group decisions needed to approve an offer do get tough to make as you get closer to the holidays, since important members of the group will be unavailable.


Anonymous said...

Editorial Anonymous -- if you have an in with Santa or any of the elves, can you please tell him I want a book deal for Christmas?

I'm great with edits and am always on time with my deadlines.

Plus, I've been a good girl this year, well, sort of...

Editorial Anonymous said...

It would be nice if we saved up our 'I want to publish this' emails till Christmas morning, wouldn't it? But of course some of us don't celebrate Christmas, and those of us who do will be busy, you know, celebrating.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Plus, if you saved them up then wannabe authors like me would wonder...

"Should I REALLY go along to the in-laws? Or should I wait at home in case THE CALL comes?"

And then, when the Christmas Whiskey was gone and the phone hadn't rung, we'd have to wait for a WHOLE YEAR before we could get our hopes up again.

No fun at all. Better to be completely random about things. =)

Terry P. said...

Great question. I've always wondered about this too. It seems like things do slow down a bit but don't come to a grinding halt.

Thanks for the input!