Monday, December 31, 2007

A Little Decoration

I found myself looking for a book with a digital camera in my hand. It was probably always going to happen; if you visit your bookshelves as much as I do, eventually you'd find yourself there with everything conceivable in your other hand.
I'm the sort of person who thinks books are the best decor touch for any room, so the same must be true for blogs.
I defy you to name all of these books. (The skinny yellow one is going to be impossible to recognize, I'm sure.) But you could perhaps determine which author or illustrator is most represented here. Guesses?

And don't forget to add your two cents to the post below.


Lisa Schroeder said...

Is the skinny yellow one LOVE THAT DOG, one of my son's all-time favorite books? :)

Deirdre Mundy said...

I second the books as decoration theory. My husband and I have decided to stop apologizing for our books.

I worked in a used bookstore all through college, and figured the employee discount meant that the more I bought, the more I was beingf paid.... My husband is king of the "Library Book Sale Treasure Hunt.."

A certain class of people (i.e. in-laws) is fond of complaining how all the books (and now my kids' books) clutter up every available space that can be loosely classed as a "shelf"...

We've decided that books our OUR "precious moments." If other people can have untold numbers of sappy knicknacks, dolls, and teddy bears, then we can have books as decoration.

Plus, OUR collection provides hours of amusement when an out-of-town friend stays the night.

BTW-- EA, from the small view you offered into your reading, you strike me as a fun person to have coffee, talk books and browse used bookstores with..... =)

Editorial Anonymous said...

Nope, not Love That Dog. Though I do adore that book.

ae said...

The second one in from the left, both the yellow ones and the last one on the right require bionic vision, I am afraid!! But I got the others.

And I believe the most common denominator is a very famous illustrator, author/illustrator who kind of set the precedent for picture books.

Sarah Miller said...

So here I sit squinting with my head turned sideways...

But heck, I do that every time I get a new Leveger catalog!

Sarah Miller said...

(How charming: an author aho can't spell "Levenger." Ah well...)

sylvia said...

A Hat Full of Sky is one of my favourites! I don't know the yellow one at all :)

Anonymous said...

The red one in the middle is A Drowned Maiden's Hair by Laura Amy Schlitz. (I just finished reading it, awesome book.)

literaticat said...

Well, I think it would be a bit unfair for me to answer what they are, since it is my job to know these things.

However, I will take a crack at the illegible one. That color looks like houghton-yellow and the size appears to be a paperback picture book, perhaps "the Stars" by H.A.Rey or something by Bill Peet?

Sarah said...

Four of them are beyond these old eyes and what deductions I can make from playing with the image in Paint and searching on Amazon.

Looks like Maurice is well represented though

Rose Green said...

The authors are all different so I'm going to say it has to be an illustrator.

I hate those lists of "best books of 2007!" because they are always for grownup books, which I couldn't care less about. These, on the other hand, make me smile and want to move in to your decorations. :)

ae said...

Ooh, literaticat, I am impressed! Houghton green. I love new shades of colors.

Rose Green (another new shade of green, maybe, hee hee) Yes, these are all works of art, aren't they?

Yes, Sarah, it has got to be Sendak.

That last one on the right is running circles around my eyes, and driving me crazy. It is all Os and Cs to me.

Editorial Anonymous said...

Ooo, that's a good guess, Literaticat. The Stars looks just like that on the shelf. Alas, that's not it.
It's an old out of print paperback. The text on the spine is the author's name (the title has been cropped by this photo). Very well known author. One of my favorite books as a child. Like I said, probably impossible to guess.

Sarah, you're right, Maurice comes in with the most books on this shelf (three). They are...?

Editorial Anonymous said...

the last one on the right is illustrated by Hyman, if that helps. It's that illegible because of the foil stamping on the spine.

ae said...

I know, I know!!

Cunning Little Vixen (I know this because I saw the opera and Sendak did the sets...i hope that that is not unfair of me)

The Light Princess which I confess, I have not read.

And I Saw Esau. I could not not know this..I grew up on Sendak. He is the best.

This is a fun challenge! Thanks for doing and it! I still don't know the last one...guess I'll lurk till someone identifies it.

mb said...

The important thing, to my mind, is that King of Attolia has a place on the shelf!

Wendie O said...

it would be neat if you'd keep that bookshelf of books as part of your blog's decoration. It really brightens up the place.


Jenn said...

The one on the very end is Canterbury Tales, I believe, illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. I'm still puzzling over the yellow book. Very well known author and one of Ed. Anon's childhood favorites. . . hmmm.

ae said...

Oh...thanks, Jenn. Funny, now I see it. Isn't that always the way?

Sarah said...

I'm missing the one between The Wall and A Kick in the Head. The writing's too light or too close in color to the spine. It's 2nd from the end on the left.

I don't know Harry S... So can't figure that one out. The little yellow book is beyond me. My fave from childhood was The Boxcar Children. Does that place my age? Dunno when it came out, but it was our fourth grade reader. Times have changed!

The last one that's too illegible for these eyes is between Library Lion and M.T. Anderson.

Anonymous said...

That impossible yellow one is, well, impossible! And it's driving me crazy!

It looks like it's actually three seperate words, so is it an author with a middle name? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? That last word looks kind of different? Smaller than the other two. At one point, I stared at it so long it looked like a pair of sunglasses...

More hints, EA. We need more hints!

Wendie O said...

The yellow one is exactly the right color to be Jenny and the Cat Club -- by Esther Averill -- and was my daughter's favorite book.


literaticat said...

Ah, but Wendie, Ed. said the book was out of print - and Jenny & the Cat Club isn't...

Christy Lenzi said...

The yellow one reminds me of the Curious George books, but I don't know which are out of print--could it be a book by H. A. Rey? I'll guess the constellation book.

Shari said...

I was going to guess that the yellow one is The King's Stilts, Dr. Seuss, (yellow cover inside the dust jacket) but if that's the author's name showing and not the title, I'm wrong. Plus I don't know if ever came out in paperback...

Anonymous said...

The first letter of the first name (assuming the book is right side up--and I would expect no less of EA) looks like a D.

I've wasted far too much time on this. I have deadlines. Must. Stay. Away.

Editorial Anonymous said...

Shari is in fact on the right track. The type you can see on the spine reads "Dr. Seuss."
And you'll know the title if you unscramble "catfish ruin rice." ;)

A to the non said...

You've got quite a few Candlewick books on that shelf there, EA! :)

Editorial Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? How many? ;)

nw said...


Now we can all sleep tonight.

a to the non said...

I count five, but I am notoriously bad at math. And seeing.

ae said...

Great book. My brother had that book. He got the Suess, I got the Sendak (our parents' choice).

I wish I could say that I could sleep (tonight) but I won't until I know the other two...the murky greeny one on the left and the (Houghton) yellow one with the pink (maus??) towards the right.

The green one is a lost cause for me I fear.

literaticat said...

oh, ae, since i started this phrase, i should clear it up -- the book with the pink maus-looking thing is not houghton-yellow. houghton-yellow is a very distinct shade found mostly on curious george books, sometimes on bill peet books, and nowhere in nature.

i believe that the book with the pink maus-looking thing is IVY AND BEAN AND THE GHOST THAT HAD TO GO, from chronicle.

aaa said...

i see stephenie meyer's twilight!

ae said...

SMILE. That's okay, lc. You should be an art director...and my face is on fire.

Thanks for the clarification.

Okay, one down...the murky green monster in the deep chasm on the bookshelf.................

and then I can finally go to bed.

Editorial Anonymous said...

All right, a hint. The text you can see on that spine reads "Christopher Wormell".

weddinginnovember said...

You are such a tease EA. You know we are all trying to figure out if the books on your shelf are books printed by your house?

Are they?

Just thought I ask.


Editorial Anonymous said...

That's a resounding "no comment". Sorry about that.
Some of the people at my house would be just a little too nervous about this blog to allow me to continue with it.

Anonymous said...

hmm. books i know and can make out are twilight, knuffle bunny too, flotsam (such a gorgeous book), the true story of the three little pigs, each little bird that sings, library lion, and the king of attolia. what's the green one on the left? that's going to bother me.

ae said...

EA, thank you for the text on the right that is Christopher Wormell. I refuse to google an answer but I know he does woodcuts. Nonetheless, the title of this book remains a bit esoteric for spill...

Someone wanted to know what follows Harry. It is Sue. Forget "When Harry Met Sally" because in this case it is Sue. Where is Johnny Cash when we need him?

Thanks EA for the challenge.

Carly said...

EA, I am so psyched that you have The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen there on your shelf. But the real question is, where is my favorite book in all the world, Whales on Stilts?????

P.S. Nice taste. Candlewick is my most-loved publishing company. I WANT TO WORK THERE.

Editorial Anonymous said...

Well, this is just one shelf. I know I have Whales somewhere. I wonder how much of my life I spend looking for a books I can't find.

ae said...

Sorry to be OT but getting back to
Carly, it really is too bad that Candlewick is closed to unagented writers... and Harcourt and Hyperion... I just don't get it.

Unless they come out to conferences in my(your)area, neither one of us will get the opportunity. Frown.

Carly said...

ae, I totally hear you. Although when I said I wanted to work there, I meant that I actually want to work there, as an editor. We'll see how things go. It's my ultimate dream job.

But I wouldn't complain about getting one of my books published with them, either ;). BTW, I think one of the reasons they're only open to agented writers is because they are so much smaller (in terms of number of employees) than the other houses. I'm not sure they have enough labor + time to be able to fairly consider unagented submissions.

ae said...

Well, Carly if you are in that area of Massathreesetts, you should just walk yourself right in there are say,"Hey, Candlewick, here I am! Let me light your fire."

Carly said...

Sounds like a plan to me.

Shari said...

EA, give us a hint. Is the text on the yellow one (4th from the right) the title, author or illustrator?

Editorial Anonymous said...

OK, for the record:

The Wall
Swan Song
A Kick In the Head
I Am the Messenger
The Hero and the Crown
A Hat Full of Sky
The Robots Are Coming
I Saw Esau
The King of Attolia
Knuffle Bunny Too
Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse
Show Way
Rotten Island
The Light Princess
Phineas Gage
A Drowned Maiden's Hair
Harry Sue
Each Little Bird That Sings
If I Ran the Circus
Prehistoric Actual Size
Jazz ABZ
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Lies and Other Tall Tales
Library Lion
Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go
The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen
The Cunning Little Vixen
Canterbury Tales

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