Sunday, August 26, 2007

Now, If God Had Had a Book Trailer...

What in the world is up with these book trailers? How do you feel about them? I think some interpretation should be left up to the reader's own mind. I say that because I was interested in a certain book and I saw the trailer which was like one of those Japanese cartoons and immediately I was turned off. (Maybe I'm just fickle) However I saw one for Hallowmere and I can't wait to read it.

I've seen some pretty awkward ones. But this is a bit of a chicken-vs-egg problem. They aren't going to get as smooth as movie trailers until marketing departments invest real time and money in them, and no one's going to invest real time and money in them until there's proof that they sell piles of books. So I'm not crazy about them so far, but I'm crossing my fingers that they get better.
What is the longest amount of time you've ever heard of an unpublished writer attempting to be published? I once read of this lady who had been trying for 15 years. Whew! I used to think that she should get half a clue but now that I'm vested in writing, I can see how 15 years of unpublished time is doable.

It was 13 billion years before someone wandered up a mountain with some stone tablets and the bible had its first (abridged) release.
It's a tough universe.


Anonymous said...

i agree. i've seen some cool ones. a LOOKING FOR ALASKA one was especially nice, but more of a short-film than a trailer. it's a great marketing idea though if it catches on...i would love someone to make one of my novel.

(who recently sold her novel, SEA, to putnam!)

Anonymous said...

I believe Jerry Spinelli said it took him 14 years. said...

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