Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Manuscripts Roasting on an Open Fire, Jack Daniels Nipping at My Nose...

I'm just getting ready to buckle down and send out a bunch of queries for my middle grade manuscript, but it suddenly occurred to me that this time of year might be the worst time to try to get agents and editors' attention. As the holidays approach, do agents and editors tend to push stuff off their desks to clear the decks for their time off, and therefore reject more than usual?
Or do they store up queries and manuscripts, knowing they might have more spare time to read over the holidays?
Or does it just not matter?
Look, you have to try to remember that there are tons of different editors, and they're not all using the same brain. There are about as many different workstyles as there are editors. So some of them will do one of the things you've mentioned above, and some will do other things you haven't even thought of. I plan to burn all my outstanding reading in a bonfire while cackling / singing christmas carols.


Anonymous said...

Mercy, I suspect you may be my editor.

(j/k, i have no idea who you are-- we are both very anonymous)

bingol said...

"Look, you have to try to remember that there are tons of different editors, and they're not all using the same brain."

Oftentimes they're not using a brain at all.

Bethany Grace said...

Who wouldn't want to be an editor? Bonfire perks are hard to find....

Susan at Stony River said...

Aaww. Now who wouldn't want to send you a manuscript right now, just to keep you warm and happy? LOL

Anonymous said...

You're certainly showing your true colors, now. Brava!

Paul Greci said...

I'm guessing that's going to be a huge fire. You might need a burn permit.

Alina said...

Bwa ha. The "Next Harry Potter" is bound to keep you nice and toasty this holiday season.

working illustrator said...

Burning a vampire manuscript is one of the only ways to keep it from coming back.

shelley said...

Well, those would-be authors did say you could recycle them.... ;-)

ae said...

Oh working illustrator, I want to have a drink with you so badly. A Bloody Mary perhaps with a hint of horse radish. Stirred with stake.

Ebony McKenna. said...

I love your last line!

My two cents: I would be cautious of submitting in December because of the post-Nano deluge.

Tess said...

I needed a humorous reprieve amidst pie baking and house cleaning - thanks :D

Kate said...

Very good point. I think in other professions it is expected that people have different work approaches but sometimes that gets lost in media.

Have a happy bonfire!

Kate x

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