Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Can't Acquire the Next Newbery; I've Filled My Quota for the Month

Are there ever times where you find yourself buying two manuscripts at the same time? (Say, within a few weeks.) Or do you generally try to avoid that?
Why would I avoid that? I acquire when I get the chance to acquire, and no other consideration of timing often comes into it. I think I once offered on three things in the same week.


Anonymous said...

What is your opinion of writers submitting to agents and editors at the same time, especially for picture books? Say a ms was well received during a First Pages session and the editors said they would like to see the rest of the book, would the writer be better off securing an agent before submitting or should he go ahead and submit on his own?
Thanks for providing a safe place for writers to learn and grow.

Colorado Writer said...

"I Can't Acquire the Next Newbery; I've Filled My Quota for the Month"

Guess I'll wait until next month to submit my masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

As both a writer and a freelance editor, it frustrates me that many writers think that an editor's role is to destroy dreams. An editor's job is to find the best possible books to publish, so if something great comes in, aren't they going to sign it up?

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