Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh, good.

And a message on my phone:

"Hi, this is Patrick Ring. I sent you my manuscript Tipsy Toodles Off a while back and got a rejection letter from you guys but I wanted to call you back and ask if submitting my illustrations with the manuscript would make a difference. The illustrations really help to tell the story, and people really love them. Would it be possible to resubmit? I know you're inundated with submissions, but if you would reconsider it I'd be so grateful."

Haha. Ah, poor guy. Realistically, the chance that his illustrations are going to make even a little bit of difference is miniscule. But he's welcome to resubmit. Because here's the thing: I have no memory of him or his project. He could resubmit that selfsame manuscript every month for the rest of eternity and I would never be the wiser. Between the thousands of people sending us manuscripts and the variety of people here reading the first two lines or so and rejecting them, the chances that I will see that manuscript again and recognize it are nada. So, sure, knock yourself out.


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